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Privacy Policy

Declaration of Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

Sun Medical Co., Ltd. recognizes that properly handling and protecting personal information in the course of its business activity is one of the important social responsibilities of the company. We try to protect personal information in accordance with the following basic policy:

1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We strongly recognize that compliance with laws, regulations and rules is the fundamental requirements of corporate survival. We therefore comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information protection as well as internal rules of personal information protection.

2.Acquisition of Personal Information

We obtain personal information through legal and fair means by first clearly communicating its use purpose.

3.Use of Personal Information

We do not use personal information of any person beyond the scope of the use purpose without the consent of the person except when permitted by law.

4.Access to Personal Information by Third Parties

We do not disclose or make available personal information of any person without his/her consent except when permitted by law.

5.Safety Control over Personal Information

We promote various measures, including the establishment of internal rules on the protection of personal information, appointment of a manager in charge of personal information protection, and establishment of a control system for the protection of personal information at our company.
In order to prevent leakage or loss of, or damage or illegal access to personal information, we try to exercise necessary and proper control of the information in compliance with internal rules, and conduct audits of the control status on a regular basis.
Furthermore, we provide necessary and proper supervision of our company officers and employees so that personal information is controlled properly.

6.Inquiries, Disclosures and Corrections relating to Personal Information

We promptly respond to any inquiry that we receive from a person about his/her personal information held by us, or any request made by a person for disclosure of or correction to such information.

7.On-going Efforts to Improve Protection of Personal Information

We continue to review and try to improve our above efforts to protect personal information.

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