Corporate Mission

Management Philosophy

SUN MEDICAL is committed to manufacture and distribute products, such as dental materials, that contribute to advancement in dental technology and improvement of oral hygiene for human health.
We develop our business by providing work environment where employees can show their best performance and enjoy their work.

Basic Quality Policy

We practice basic quality policy to actualize the management philosophy through:

  • Providing customers with high-quality products and services for their satisfaction and trust.
  • Complying with rules and regulation to ensure quality.
  • Acquiring skills to ensure quality.
  • Keeping work environment in good condition to maintain excellent quality.

Characteristics of Product

"Excellent" – Safe and excellent performance

"Speedy" – Speedy and simple procedure

"Lasting" – Long-lived good performance

Action Guidelines

We will plan and act checking the following 4 points.

  1. Based on scientific evidences
  2. Provide fair information
  3. Deepen reliance
  4. Fulfill customer satisfaction

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