Bondfill SB

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Dental Adhesive Resin for Filling Polymer-based Pit and Fissure Sealant
  • Korea
  • Thailand

Bonding and Filling in "ONE"

Self-cure and self-adhesive resin which requires no bonding agent. Aplicable at various restorations, such as restoration of caries or re-cementing.

Representative Examples of Components

Bondfill SB Base 1pc (8mL)
Bondfill SB Catalyst V 1pc (0.7mL)
Bondfill SB Powder (Light) 1pc (3g)
Bondfill SB Powder (Medium) 1pc (3g)
Teeth Primer 1pc (3mL)
Sponge (L・S) 1case
Dispensing Stand 1pc
Dispensing Cups 1case (20pcs)
Brush Handle (Bent) 1pc
Brush Tips (Brush-dip L) 1case (10pcs)
Brush Tips (Brush-dip LL) 1case (10pcs)

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