Super-Bond C&B Bulk-mix Kit

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Dental Adhesive Resin Cement
  • Thailand

Super-Bond, Suitable for Broader Bonding Area

Super-Bond series is a self-curing adhesive resin cement including 4-META, MMA, TBB, and PMMA. Among our series line-up, this is the most suitable one for cementing of inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, and root posts, as well as repair of fractured prostheses.

Representative Examples of Components

Super-Bond C&B Bulk-mix Kit
Super-Bond Quick Monomer 1pc (10mL)
Super-Bond Catalyst V 1pc (0.7mL)
Super-Bond Polymer (Bulk-mix Esthetic) 1pc (3g)
Super-Bond Polymer (Bulk-mix Radiopaque) 1pc (5g)
Dentin Etchant Gel 1pc (3mL)
Dispensing Stand 1pc
Dispensing Cups 1case (20pcs)
Measuring Spoon (Standard) 1pc
Brush Handle (Bent) 1pc
Brush Tips (Bulk-mix) 2cases (20pcs)
Needle Tips (23G) 5 pcs and Needle Cap (Green) 1 pc 1set

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